OPTIONS Academic Program: Chart Your Path to Success

Tailored Learning Experience

At OPTIONS, we believe in the uniqueness of each student. Our individualized instruction ensures one-on-one assistance, offering a tailored educational experience designed to move students toward their future goals.

Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum sets the foundation by introducing students to a diverse range of essential skills. The first semester is a comprehensive assessment period, where we gauge competencies, monitor progress, and lay the groundwork for future learning paths—be it the College Transition Track or the Vocational Track.

Academic Pathways

In partnership with John A. Logan College, OPTIONS offers a seamless college transition for students identified for advanced academic pursuit. Courses and class numbers are fine-tuned based on each student’s skill set and maturity, ensuring a supportive and fulfilling college experience.
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Our vocation-focused curriculum, steered by our specialized Vocational Coordinator, instills a deep understanding of workplace etiquette and expectations. Beyond classroom instruction, we facilitate internship opportunities for hands-on experience, with a scope for paid employment based on individual capabilities.

Vocational Certificates Available:

  • Animal Care and Services
  • Business and Office Technology
  • Food Services
  • Health-Related Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Retail Sales
  • Social Services

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Speech and Language

Equipping students with vital communication skills, our Speech and Language services provide the necessary tools for effective social interaction and understanding.

Arrowsmith Program

Our certified Arrowsmith faculty administer targeted exercises designed to strengthen weak cognitive capacities, offering an additional layer of cognitive support to our students.

Program Curriculum

Dive into our comprehensive educational approach designed to empower students with diverse learning needs. Explore the curriculum that paves the way for individualized growth and lifelong success

Direct Support for Future Employment

We value the professional futures of our students. Our Vocational Coordinator offers one-on-one guidance in workplace skills and etiquette, enhancing employability.

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Small Class Sizes

At our institution, we prioritize personalized education for post-secondary students with learning disabilities. Our small class sizes ensure that our service providers can focus on understanding each student’s unique learning process, identifying strengths, and addressing deficits, while implementing effective study skills and strategies. Our OPTIONS classes emphasize critical skills such as reading, comprehension, writing revision, vocabulary building, and practical math applications. Additionally, our students gain proficiency in basic computer software programs, fiscal responsibility, and the essential skill of self-advocacy. This tailored approach is designed to meet the specific needs of post-secondary students with learning disabilities and help them succeed in their educational journey.