College Transition Track: Paving Your Pathway to Higher Education

Step into Higher Learning with John A. Logan College

From your second semester at OPTIONS, open doors to higher education. Partnering with John A. Logan College (JALC)—a nationally recognized community college—OPTIONS students step confidently into the world of post-secondary education.

Your Guide Through College—The College Liaison

Don’t navigate the complexities of college alone. Our College Liaison bridges the gap between OPTIONS and JALC, ensuring smooth transitions and optimal course selections.

Meet Your College Liaison
Empowering Your Academic Journey

Embark on a seamless academic journey with OPTIONS. From day one, we’re with you, ensuring you have all the support and resources you need for success.

Discover Academic Support Services
  • Regular Progress Monitoring: Stay on track with our dedicated team.
  • Strategic Planning for Success:
  • Unlock your full academic potential.
  • Access to Specialized Accommodations and Resources:
  • Navigate your academic journey with ease.
From John A. Logan College to Southern Illinois University—Your Journey Continues

Want to enhance your academic experience? Transition smoothly from JALC to Southern Illinois University (SIU) with expert guidance from our College Liaison. Students taking classes at SIU, typically in the Extension Phase, work with the College Liaison to apply to SIU, select courses, and navigate the campus. Additionally, they receive assistance in securing appropriate accommodations through SIU’s Disability Support Services and maintain regular meetings to ensure the quality of their work. OPTIONS students thrive in the university environment