Tuition and Expenses for 2023-2024:

Investing in Comprehensive Growth
Tuition: $86,346

What’s Included:

    Academic Excellence

    Full access to OPTIONS academic classes, tailored to meet individual learning needs.

    Career Admissions Interviews Readiness:

    Guidance from Vocational Counselors to prepare for a fulfilling career path.

    Speech & Language:

    Optional therapy services for enhancing communication skills.

    Life Skills:

    Comprehensive instruction in Independent Living, helping students transition to self-reliance.

    Home Comforts:

    Apartment rent fully covered, including utilities and cable.

    Grocery Allotment:

    $75 per week for groceries, ensuring balanced nutrition.

    Transport & Activities:

    Shuttle services for OPTIONS events, appointments, shopping, and classes at John A. Logan College or Southern Illinois University, and supervised recreational activities.

    Health & Study Support:

    Medical support from our Nursing staff and tutorial assistance during study hours.

    Tax-Deductible Expenses: Maximizing Your Investment

    An education at OPTIONS falls under ‘special education services,’ potentially qualifying as a deductible medical care expense as per Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code.
    🔔 Pro Tip: Before claiming any deductions, consult your attorney or tax professional to maximize benefits and compliance.