College Transitions Track

Starting the second semester in OPTIONS, many students are identified for participation in a community college curriculum. OPTIONS partners with John A. Logan College (JALC – a nationally recognized community college located in Southern Illinois), to provide these experiences. Students who take classes at JALC receive support through OPTIONS. The course selection and number of courses is based on each student’s skills and maturity level.

The OPTIONS college liaison is a primary contact for JALC staff; this instructor and the OPTIONS student work closely with JALC advisors to plan educational goals and select appropriate classes. Students receive assistance at every step of the process, from selecting a curriculum guide and choosing classes to registration and class participation. Students enrolled at JALC meet regularly with the OPTIONS JALC liaison to ensure that they are meeting class and instructor expectations, implementing strategies, and accessing the accommodations and resources necessary for successful completion of each course. Academic coaches also provide assistance during OPTIONS study hours. Progress in JALC classes is monitored at least every two weeks through written communications between the students, OPTIONS JALC liaison, and JALC instructors.

Students enrolled at JALC can also expect to take classes offered through OPTIONS. Most participate in Speech and Language Therapy at OPTIONS as well. Similarly, because the goal for each student is independence and employment, the student may also simultaneously participate in an internship experience. The internship experiences are set up and monitored by an OPTIONS Vocational Counselor and are based on the student’s skills, interests, and availability.