OPTIONS Student Enjoy Culinary Instruction Class

A group of OPTIONS students enjoyed some Culinary Instruction class from SIUC practicum students studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics. They prepared a healthy twist on a Reuben sandwich. The recipe included Vegan cheese, Seitan, and a healthy fermented Sauerkraut. It was great to see the students try something new!

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Congratulations to our award winners!

Several students were recognized for rising up and exceeding expectations in the OPTIONS program at Italian Village last week. From October to December 2015, staff evaluated each student's performance in areas such as budgeting, meal planning, grocery shopping, clean...

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OPTIONS Arrowsmith – “Pie In The Face”

The OPTIONS Arrowsmith students have been working ​collectively to earn the opportunity to throw pies at the Arrowsmith teachers and two additional​ (student-chosen)​ OPTIONS staff members. The students earned this opportunity by working hard on their LThink (Main...

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OPTIONS F.I.T. (fitness in training) crew completed their first 5K of the year in Murphysboro at the dog day event.  All the proceeds supported the Murphysboro Dog Park and helped to raise community awareness about local no kill shelters in Southern Illinois.  The...

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OPTIONS Academic Building

The OPTIONS Academic facility is located on Lewis Lane, just south of Route 13 in Carbondale.  This location is within walking distance of our Standard Program apartments and is centrally located within the Carbondale Community.

Aspen Court Apartments

The Aspen Court Apartments (Building X), house the Standard Program students.  Other OPTIONS Students rent individual units in this, and other complexes around the Carbondale community.