Explore the Rich Tapestry of Recreational Activities with OPTIONS:

Why Recreation Matters?

At OPTIONS, we understand the pivotal role of recreational activities in shaping a well-rounded experience for our students, especially those with learning disabilities. Our program is designed to extend beyond mere academic pursuits, offering a diverse array of recreational opportunities that are integral to fostering community engagement, physical well-being, and essential life skills.

Types of Recreation

Staff-Led Recreation: Discover the Wonders of Southern Illinois

Our staff takes full advantage of the area’s natural beauty and cultural richness. Whether it’s hiking through the scenic trails, kayaking in pristine waters, or attending community events in Carbondale, our staff-led activities are meticulously planned to provide both entertainment and learning.

Student-Led Recreation: Develop Skills and Connect

OPTIONS students have the unique opportunity to plan and coordinate activities for their peers. From selecting local entertainment to preparing budgets, these student-led initiatives allow participants to hone their planning and navigation skills while fostering a sense of community.

Individual Leisure: Cultivate Personal Interests

After demonstrating responsibility and competence, students are encouraged to explore individual leisure activities. It’s an excellent way for them to decompress while further developing their independent functioning skills.

Stay Informed with Popular Calendars

Keeping tabs on what’s happening in Southern Illinois is easier than ever, thanks to comprehensive event calendars provided by Southern Illinois University (SIUC) and other local organizations.