Our campus is tucked into a quaint corner of the midwestern city of Carbondale, Illinois. The Academic Building, which was built to accommodate OPTIONS’ growing student population with the help of a deeply-valued giving initiative, serves as the central site for student programming.

With our convenient location, students are mere feet from the Aspen Court Apartments. They are also able to enjoy a brief walk to the Southern Illinois University campus, a mere fifteen-minute drive to John A. Logan College’s campus, and the services of many nearby local businesses.

Snapshots into Campus Life

In addition to our comfortable location in Carbondale, we are also near multiple outstanding natural landmarks. Students can experience Giant City State Park, the Giant City Lodge, and the River to River Trail with the guidance of our staff; and the Shawnee National Forest and Pomona Natural Bridge are but a half an hour away for further exposure to the region’s natural treasures.