College Transition Track

Beginning in their second semester at OPTIONS, students may participate in a community college curriculum. We partner with John A. Logan College (JALC – a nationally recognized community college located in Southern Illinois) to provide them with this experience. Students who take classes at JALC receive support from our College Liaison, who serves as a primary contact point between the two institutions. A student’s course selection, as well as enrollment hours, are based on communication between students, their families, and our College Liaison.

Students receive assistance in every step of the process of entering college, from selecting classes to registration and class participation. Students who are enrolled in JALC classes meet regularly with the College Liaison to ensure that they are meeting class and instructor expectations, completing quality work, implementing strategies for their success, and accessing the accommodations and resources necessary for the successful completion of each course. Academic coaches also provide students with assistance during OPTIONS study hours, and progress in JALC classes is monitored through written communications between the OPTIONS College Liaison and JALC instructors. We are proud to empower our students to achieve their collegiate goals.

Next Steps after John A Logan College…

Students looking for college coursework beyond JALC have the opportunity to transition to Southern Illinois University (SIU).  Students taking classes at SIU are typically in the Extension Phase. They work with the College Liaison to apply to SIU, work with an SIU advisor to choose classes and a course program, and learn to navigate the campus. 

The College Liaison will assist the student in getting the appropriate accommodations through Disability Support Services at SIU and in scheduling regular meetings with he College Liaison to ensure that work is completed with quality.  OPTIONS students enjoy the university atmosphere and often do very well in their classes.