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Every donation, big or small, contributes to a brighter future for our students at Brehm Preparatory School and OPTIONS. Your support is a testament to the power of community and the belief in every student’s potential. Join us in this noble cause and witness the lasting impact your generosity creates.

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At the heart of the Brehm Foundation lies a commitment to transforming lives. Your support is crucial in empowering our students with learning disabilities and differences, enabling them to achieve breakthroughs and experience life-changing education. When you donate to the Brehm Foundation, you’re not just contributing; you’re actively making a significant difference.

Your generosity fuels our ability to:


  • Provide exceptional educational opportunities
  • Expand our holistic, student-centered programming
  • Foster a nurturing and safe environment
  • Equip our staff and students with cutting-edge educational resources and advanced technology
  • Cultivate a lifelong love of learning in each student

Your donation is more than a gift – it’s an investment in the future of Brehm Preparatory School and OPTIONS, shaping a world where every student can thrive.

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Your in-kind contributions are invaluable. They provide tangible support to our diverse and dynamic programs, enhancing the learning experience for our students.

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I used to be rebellious. I didn’t care about much. I was depressed a lot. When I came to OPTIONS, things really turned around for me and everything got better. I have a great internship that I can build into a career, as well as a new attitude and a great outlook on life.

Dr. Lloyd Burtch

The OPTIONS Program provides golden opportunities to very special students. OPTIONS teaches students how to learn and, therefore, how to succeed at the college level and as citizens.