Kelly Vaughn
Departments: Faculty

Kelly has worked with OPTIONS and Brehm since 2003, beginning her tenure on the Brehm campus. Eventually, she transitioned into the role of Independent Living Counselor at OPTIONS, which she dutifully fulfilled for several years while completing her Masters Degree in Workforce and Adult Education at Southern Illinois University. In 2014, she assumed the role of College Liaison and became part of students’ Academic day. She enjoys all of the events that happen on the OPTIONS and Brehm campuses, and is always excited to be involved in campus life.

Serving an integral role at OPTIONS, Kelly works with students as they take classes at John A. Logan College and Southern Illinois University. She assists them as they navigate the infrastructure of higher education, including signing up for classes, staying on track with their assignments, and the pursuit of accommodations from Disability Support Services.

Kelly loves to share her success stories from across the years. She is always encouraging students to work hard, advocate for themselves when needed, and to look to their futures with a positive attitude. 

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