Stage 2

After quarantine, 21 days

Assumes all students are symptom-free and have gone through the 14 day quarantine.

In the apartments:

    • Allowed to eat together and cook at the same time
    • No taped off areas in common spaces
    • Students may be allowed to socialize in other apartments, no physical contact, keeping 6 ft or more distance. Masks will remain required in the presence of another person. The exception would be within the student’s apartment.
    • No shared food/drinks
    • Strict laundry schedule
    • Individual chore lists
    • Van runs on scheduled days and must be accompanied by staff.
    • No outside visitors and no visiting Extension students apartments
    • All recs take place within the apartment setting or outside
    • Food delivery but no van runs for take out
    • Grocery shopping will use Kroger Pick-up and on a rotating schedule

Extension Phase Students:

    • Staff can provide in person services, but must keep 6 ft distance 
    • Students and staff will wear masks when interacting at all times
    • Handwashing before and after interactions 
    • All leisure activities must take place within the Extension group and are encouraged to take place outside
    • No traveling outside of Carbondale


    • Spacing between desks/students and no more than 10 individuals in a room 
    • Masks worn by staff and students at all times 
    • Traffic flow in the hallways
    • Tape off or indicate where students should stand to interact with front office and instructors
    • Internships and employment may resume if sites enforce CDC/Health department guidelines
    • All students wash hands upon entering the building and before leaving
    • Students may not leave the building for lunch or during breaks in schedule, allow food delivery 
    • Spacing and sanitation during lunch


  • Limited to necessary services only