Stage 4


  • Assumes students remained symptom free during stage 3 
  • Community access will be continuously assessed during stage 4 and may be limited as needed

In the apartments:

    • Freely socialize with one another, still encourage 6 ft distancing
    • Greater freedom with social activities within the community and van runs.
    • No outside visitors unless cleared by Administration with advanced notice 
      • Outside visitors protocol: mask worn at all times, wash hands upon entering the building, no physical contact with anyone, may ask to have temperature checked upon arrival or answer a health questionnaire before being permitted entry to the apartment
    • Masks will remain required in the presence of another person. The exception would be within apartments and at the discretion of the student and the family.
    • Visiting Extension Phase student apartments are allowed for PDR 5 and Modified. Must follow safety protocols when leaving and returning. 
    • Scheduled van runs
    • Weekend recs in the community, limited to gathering size, location, and time
    • Modified students will no longer have curfew

Extension Phase Students:

    • Can travel to surrounding communities, provided they are low risk. Must report to Rod/Nathan where they traveled.


    • Remain the same as in stage 2
    • Spacing between desks/students and no more than 10 individuals in a room 
    • Masks worn by staff and students at all times 
    • Traffic flow in the hallways
    • Tape off or indicate where students should stand to interact with front office and instructors
    • Internships and employment may resume if sites enforce CDC/Health department guidelines
    • All students wash hands upon entering the building and before leaving
    • Students may not leave the building for lunch or during breaks in schedule, allow food delivery 
    • Spacing and sanitation during lunch