Stage 1

14 Day quarantine

The goal is to develop safe habits and with proper implementation of conservative procedures and protocols that follow CDC procedures. We will create a safe family environment for students to socialize, learn, feel physically safe, and thrive.

When arriving to campus: 

  • All students move-in/return to Carbondale August 6th – 9th
  • Quarantine August 10th – 24th
  • Standard/Modified and Extension will be kept as separate groups
  • General quarantine procedures for first 14 days or quarantine due to return from off-campus travel
    • Contain to individual apartments as much as possible. Socializing within quarantine groups can occur in open spaces with minimum 6 ft distance between individuals plus masks.
    • Set staffing for students during these 14 days
    • Staff will complete the COVID health assessment form before each shift and follow the COVID Code of Conduct.
    • Masks worn at all times by students and staff
    • Nursing will provide health checks, follow new medication protocols bringing one apartment down to nursing at a time, sanitize before releasing next apartment 
    • No community access

In the apartments:

    • Tape off areas in the living room for each person to sit/stand when in the same room together.  
    • Staggered cooking schedules so there’s no overlap and allow for enough time to thoroughly disinfect the kitchen before the next person cooks.
    • Each student is on their own menu plan
    • Enforce strict laundry schedule that staff will monitor from start to finish.
    • No visiting between apartments
    • All social activities take place outside or in a location that can ensure social distancing guidelines. Otherwise all social events must be virtual.
    • Masks worn at all times when around another person
    • Eating in shifts or in separate rooms and disinfect the table between people
    • No van runs for the first 14 days
    • No outside visitors and no visiting other students apartments
    • All students will have curfew in the apartments for the duration of quarantine

Extension Phase Students:

    • Stay in apartment for the duration of quarantine as much as possible
    • No in person socializing for the first 14 days
    • All staff interactions will take place using distance learning 
    • Have students use Kroger delivery or pick up
    • Students with paid employment should follow employers guidelines for returning to work and should notify employer where they are traveling
    • No traveling outside of Carbondale area


    • Classes being August 12th virtually
    • All classes taught using distance learning w/students in their apartments and instructors at the academic building (or work from home?)
    • No internships or paid employment for Standard/Modified 
    • Staff patterns to support students during the academic day