OPTIONS Student Enjoy Culinary Instruction Class

Each semester, OPTIONS students have the opportunity to work with a Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC) graduate student who is studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics.  One of the remarkable opportunities the students get is to learn how to cook a variety of foods in ways they never thought were possible.  This semester, SIUC graduate student, Tori, came to OPTIONS to teach our students how to cook and be healthy.  Tori focused on planning more nutritious meals with a variety of foods and spices.  Tori also assisted the students as they cooked for their peers during the many Culinary Diversity Nights, which are monthly potluck meals with a specially chosen theme. Tori has worked on menu planning, held a body image seminar, and assisted students with cooking skills.  In these photos, Tori is helping the students put a healthy spin on a Rueben sandwich.  The recipe included: vegan cheese, Seitan, and a healthy fermented sauerkraut.  It was great to see the students so interested in the recipe and excited to try to the food.

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